Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Something Much Better than Walking Dead

I see that a lot of my friends in facebook are all eagerly sharing that they watched/watching/will watch the new episode of Walking Dead. I understand how they feel. I also have my own favorite TV series that I watch out for.

I don't know what prompted me to post this on facebook even though I might get flak for posting it:


I see a lot who are very happy because #WalkingDead [is airing again] .

I hope that everyone is as enthusiastic when they hear/read/watch the good news.

If I think about it carefully.. Jesus is more awesome. He's not just a dead person walking...

He rose from the dead!
#RoseFromTheDead #Conquered Death

I don't mean that they shouldn't be enthusiastic about tv shows and the undead, Hey, I love zombies too! I just hope that we all have (yes, myself included) the same enthusiasm for Christ and His stories, to the point that we share them with everyone we know, so that we can inspire and win more souls for Him.

Come to think of it, why not make a series about Jesus. Not just some documentary that only a few people watch. Make it interesting for everyone. The stories in the Bible are awesome, and it would be cool if someone would turn them into movies so that people who don't like to read can still enjoy them. Hmm... it seems that I have added another item to my to do list.

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