I'm Knic. I'm a geeky girl with a deep love for God. I am in the process of devoting my life to God. Yes, still in the process. It's easy to say that I have devoted my life to Him, but in reality I still have a lot of quirks to iron out before I can fully say that my life is devoted to God.

I have been a Catholic all my life. At first it wasn't by choice as I was baptized as a baby, in the same religion that my parents are. As I grew up, I discovered Christ through school. As I grew older I felt his presence more and more. I am thankful for all the blessings He's showering me so I started being active in our local church through the Parish Youth Ministry in 2006

My life in the Parish Youth Ministry has been a roller coaster. It wasn't easy. I was aware that as much as Christ is alive in my heart, the devil is also standing close to me, eager to take me back to a life in the dark.

As I matured, I've been handed a leadership role in our ministry, and I realized that I cannot lead God's young flock if I don't know him. I started to turn to the Bible and there I have been filled by the Holy Spirit. I am learning about the Lord more and more. I became hungrier for his word. I realized that this hunger I was feeling was because I've been keeping his word to myself. If I shared his word, and what he tells me through my reflections, then I will at least be a bit satiated. This is what prompted me to make this blog, in order to journal my reflections, in the hopes that someone may find God too.

Most of the content that I will be posting here are the ones that I made for our Parish Youth Ministry Facebook Page, where I post the Daily Gospel and verses from the Bible that struck me. From time to time, I also post bits of catechisms that are usually taken for granted or forgotten.

I hope that in my simple way of sharing God's word, I am able to win more souls for Him.

To God be all the glory!

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